Environmental Responsibility

Care for Our World: It’s in Our Nature

At Holden Farms, our commitment to the natural world isn’t something driven by policy or regulation. We respect and care for the environment because doing so is simply the right thing to do … for today, and for the generations that will come after us.

At every step, we strive to implement our industry’s best practices and systems for care of the environment. We utilize a variety of tools – from natural filtration and buffering to state-of-the-art containment systems – to protect our water resources, care for the land and reduce odor.

Further, we’re constantly working to make our buildings, systems and structures ever more environmentally sound. The health of our natural surroundings has an immediate impact on our employees and our neighbors, and we conduct ongoing audits of our practices and track our progress.

Respect for our surroundings and the people and animals with which we work is central to who we are and how we work.

For 135 years our family has lived and worked in this region. It’s our home, and we intend to continue caring for it.” – Kent Holden